Loft Beds

If you are short on space, then a loft bed is a great way to create some space in a child's room. Loft beds can be anything from a low loft bed such as the Maxtrix low loft bed or the Berg captains bed to a high loft bed such as a bolton sss loft bed, Berg utica loft bed or a Maxtrix high loft bed. Low loft beds are great since they are not too high and a younger child can start using it right away. Typically, low loft beds either come with an open space such a Maxtrix low loft bed or can have built in dressers and desks like the Berg captains bed. They are also available with stairs as opposed to ladders for added safety and storage. Low loft beds do not have enough clearance for the child to be able to sit under the bed and are primarily designed for sapce saving.

A high loft bed is the typical loft bed that you see at many showrooms. A high loft bed has enough clearance to accomodate a desk or a tall chest to create even more space. If space is really tight, then a high loft bed with a ladder is recommended since it will take up less room. If you opt for safety, of course the staircase option is a good choice even on the high loft beds. Remember that a typical staircase option on a loft bed will add about 16 to 23 inches in overall length.

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